Can you imagine a fully automated production without manual labor?

It is not a matter of if it will happen. It is a matter of when it will happen.



Conveyor system
Spare parts
Parameter checkout


Conveyor system
Inspection system


Conveyor system
Packagin station
Robotic loading
Process optimization


Case handling systems
Sortation systems
Palletizing systems
Pallet wrapping


Line effectiveness evaluation
Out-of-the-box solutions
Build and test
Integration into line


Complex lines
Equipment selection
Complex engineering
Personal service


Integration and project management

It is very important not only to choose the high-quality equipment for specific requirements, but also to implement correct integration into the overall system. The period of implementation and start-up affect the total costs of the project, as well as loss of profits at untimely startup. Our company having expertise in the integration of packaging machinery, offers turnkey delivery and project management.

Risk analysis

Potential risks can and should be excluded at the planning stage of the project. The methodology of risk analysis involves many aspects including: a deep analysis, calendar and network planning activities, planning of financial flows and more.

Affordable automation

Each investment project assumes return on investment for a specific period. Whatever the advanced equipment is not always having affordable price. Our job is to find high-quality equipment to specific needs with acceptable payback period. Otherwise, the automation will not make sense because of the long payback period.


Our products it is a tool to maximize your productivity by reducing manual labor.

Automatic product handling by conveyors:

Chain conveyors
Driven roller Conveyors
Gravity roller conveyors
Belt conveyors
Spiral conveyors

Automatic product handling by robots:

Robotic palletizing
Robotic pick&place
Collaborative robots
SCARA robots

Other equipment:

Automatic case formers
Automatic case sealers
Printing and labelling
Checkweights and combicheckers
Profile systems
Control system
OEE Software


Company UNIMOTION – professional integrator, offering high-quality and flexible solutions to increase the efficiency of your production. Engineered system and complex technical solutions meet the set of rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP), as well as the concept of lean production. The great advantage of this approach is to design systems with the expectation of “tomorrow” to assess the full cost of ownership (TCO) before buying. Hundreds of successful projects, perfect reputation in the industry as well as knowledge a team of professionals give assurance in the building, perhaps the best company in the segment.


Our address: 192012, Russia, St. Petersburg, Karavaevskaya, 23, office 418

Phone: +7 812 407 15 05


Contact us now and we’ll show you how and due to which increase your market share!

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